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United Methodist Men Commitment

As a member of the UNITED METHODIST MEN, I commit myself to:

  • Seek daily Christ’s way of life through prayer and Bible reading;
  • Bear witness to this way in my daily work and all personal contacts through my words and actions;
  • Engage in some definite Christian service by recognizing that I work in partnership with God in the stewardship of my life.

I will remember my commitment to Jesus Christ and His church and that I am a part of something of real importance to my church and my community.

Membership is on a calendar year basis and must be renewed through the fellowship of United Methodist Men.

Calling All Men

All men are welcome in the United Methodist Men. There are no dues and all that is required is being interested! Following is a list of areas of activity and the man responsible. If you have a particular interest please contact the office or the person listed below.

Scouting – Ken Roemer, Email: kdroemer@gmail.com

Spiritual Growth – J. D. Chanley, Email: john_chanley@yahoo.com

Outdoors Program – Greg Johnson,  Email:  417locks@gmail.com

Church Yard Maintenance – Tom Mais, Email: tommais46@gmail.com

Officers elected for 2016 are:

Greg Johnson – President   Email:  417locks@gmail.com

J. D. Chanley – Vice President   Email: john_chanley@yahoo.com

Brian Denton – Secretary

Bob Potter – Treasurer   Email: bobp@fumchurch.org

We encourage all men to find a way to serve that is meaningful to you!