90 Mentors in 90 Days!

Recruiting new mentors is a top priority for Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Flint Hills this time of year.

The drive for volunteers, “90 Mentors in 90 Days” is part of the 2014 Big Brothers Big Sisters’ Volunteer Recruitment Season, which coincides with the beginning of each school year. Volunteer Recruitment encourages adults and ESU students to make a positive difference in the life of a child by volunteering to mentor a Little Brother or Little Sister.

According to Andrea Landgren, Executive Director, mentors may participate in a Community-Based One-to-One Match where you meet with a child in the community based on your schedule, Couples Match where you and your spouse are matched with a child or Lunch Buddies Program where you meet the child at their school for lunch one day a week. The matches with a Little Brother or Little Sister are based on compatibility, hobbies and interests. Mentors are needed for the 2014-2015 school year, although applications are accepted throughout the year.

Serving as a “Big” allows volunteers to awaken their inner child through the friendship they create with their Little Brother or Sister. Landgren describes these programs as a very rewarding and life changing experience for everyone involved, we want the relationship to be mutually beneficial for both the child and the adult.

Becoming a mentor involves simple steps that prepare individuals for the delightful experience ahead. Residents from Chase, Coffey, Lyon and Morris Counties can learn more about how to become a Big Brother or Big Sister by visiting www.bbbsfh.org, calling 620-342-5645 or join us at the BBBSFH 3rd Annual Ice Cream Social at Peter Pan Park on September 16th at 6:30 pm!