Job Description for the Director/Teacher Position of
Friends Together United Methodist Preschool

The person selected for the Friends Together United Methodist Preschool Director/Teacher position must have the minimum of a bachelor’s degree.  A preference will be given to those candidates with a degree in Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, Child Development or a degree related to the field of early childhood education approved by the preschool board.

Before assuming the position, 120 working days experience providing direct child care as a child care worker or volunteer in a licensed day care center, kindergarten, or early childhood program approved by the board or be certified as a preschool teacher or show evidence of meeting the qualifications for such certification. 

This position is on average 20 hours per week.  Some of the hours are set teaching times and some of the hours are flexible.

Salary will be dependent on training and experience.

As the director, expectations would include:

  • Keep current and assure preschool is in compliance with licensing requirements.
  • Share results of yearly licensing with FTUMP Board and if necessary correct deficits to be in immediate compliance.
  • Collect tuition monthly and deposit in bank or give to FTUMP treasurer. Receipt for cash payments are provided to parents within 24 hours of payment.
  • Provide a written Directors/Teachers report to the FTUMP Board at the monthly meetings. (This monthly report will contain monthly happenings such as field trips, curriculum to be covered and any other necessary information such as enrollment and classroom curriculum needs.)
  • Provide a monthly newsletter to parents. Also give a copy of this to the FTUMP Board.
  • Survey the parents yearly to get feedback of the year. The FTUMP Board will approve the survey and then needs copies of the results.
  • Correspond with parents in a timely manner on FTUMP Letterhead.
  • Comply with all Operating Procedures and Policies of FTUMP.
  • Market the preschool program with flyers, newspaper articles, and by advertising. As needed.
  • Collect enrollment, health/immunization, and medical release forms prior to the beginning of school.
  • Complete necessary forms and schedule appointments to fulfill licensing requirements (fire and health department).
  • Create a calendar for the school year and get the FTUMP Boards’ approval prior to releasing.
  • Supervise and mentor the teacher’s aide position.
  • Conduct an annual performance evaluation of individual serving as teacher’s aide.


As the teacher, expectations would include:

  • Treat children with respect and dignity.
  • Supervise and manage classes of up to 12 children, ages 3-6.
  • Prepare written lesson plans for the month and implement the plans for each day.
  • Gear the program to the needs of the individual child with concern for his/her interests, disabilities, special talents, and learning pace.
  • Help children become aware of his/her role as an integral member of the group.
  • Ensure that no child or children are left unattended.
  • Establish and maintain a neat and orderly learning environment in the classroom.
  • Complete a yearly inventory of preschool equipment and work with the FTUMP Board to maintain this updated list.
  • Communicate professionally with parents, board members, and church staff.
  • Communicate in writing at least monthly with the parents, board, and church.
  • Plan, schedule, and publicize field trips and special events in a timely manner. (Field trips should be approximately once a month for the 4 year old class.)
  • Hold parent-teacher conferences each semester and provide parents with evidence of progress for their child.
  • Provide FTUMP Board with a list of appropriate substitute teachers for their approval. Secure an approved substitute when necessary with prior approval from the board for personal days.
  • Provide substitutes with lesson plans and communicate with FTUMP treasurer regarding payment of the substitute.
  • Purchase supplies, equipment, and snacks according to the budget and the needs of the students.
  • Communicate with the FTUMP treasurer concerning monthly receipts and expenses in a timely manner. Turn in all receipts incurred in the month by the last day of that month.
  • Accept approved observers in the classroom at any time, within reason, unless other visitors are scheduled to be present.
  • Prepare children for a final program to recognize all preschool graduates.
  • Work with the First United Methodist Church Children’s Director to find occasional opportunities for the children to participate in activities at First United Methodist Church.


In addition to the qualifications listed above the Friends Together United Methodist Preschool Director/Teacher candidate must be:

  • One who has a genuine love for young children.
  • One who can plan and conduct daily preschool programs.
  • One who can provide a loving and caring environment for preschool children.
  • One who has strong Christian values and morals.
  • One who has good management and interpersonal skills: interacting well with children, parents, church staff, board members, and church members.
  • One who has good organizational and communication skills, including but not limited to: typing, creating newsletters, handling enrollment, advertising, etc.
  • One who meets state guidelines and licensing requirements as well as passes the Great Plains Conference Safe Gatherings Course.