Guest Preacher and Pepto Oct 2

We are excited to welcome Jeff Hassel, Executive Director of ODIM Guatemala, to the pulpit on October 2. Jeff joined the ODIM staff in June 2014 after serving 20 years as an ordained pastor in the United Methodist Church. For six of those years, Jeff served as a pastor, construction manager, coordinator of international volunteer teams in the northern European country of Lithuania. He also served as the Mission Director of a large congregation near Charlotte, NC, gaining expertise in partnership development, volunteer management, and program development. Jeff’s dream is to be used by God to build bridges between cultures; to build up organizations, people, and communities; to build partnerships; and to connect people with service opportunities that matter.

After worship there will be a luncheon in the Fellowship Hall to hear more about how ODIM is changing lives, in partnership with our church’s support of donations and volunteers.

So where does the Pepto come in?  

The two ODIM clinics will need 5000 Pepto Bismol tablets over the next 4 months.  In addition to monetary donations, Jeff will be collecting Pepto (or generic equivalent) to replenish their stock.  Please help him reach his goal of 5000 by bringing your donations to the church on October 2.