July 28, 2020

Re-Opening the Church Considerations

Opening the church doors again for worship and meetings is something we are all hoping will happen in the near future. We do miss each other and seeing friends and sharing our faith in worship and conversation.

Moving forward to re-open began with the directive from Bishop Saenz, of our Great Plains Conference, recommending United Methodist Churches follow the strictest guidelines. The strictest guidelines can come from the state, county, or city. Presently, the most strict guidelines come from the Lyon County Public Health Department. This order can be found on their website. The order limits mass gatherings to 45 and under, wearing masks and social distancing. As a congregation, we will follow these guidelines. Per discussions with the Ad Hoc Re-Opening Committee and Church Council, the decision has been made to not have services for in-person worship with the limitation of 45 and under. Volunteers and staff would count in this number further limiting the worshipping body. Discussions also lifted up continuing to keep our congregation and community healthy by continuing alternative worship experiences by Livestream and Radio at 10:35 and Parking Lot Worship at 8:00 am.

When we do return, we will still have restrictions with masks worn at all times in the building and keeping our distance from each other with 6 feet spaces apart. Worshipping in great numbers will still be limited because of our distancing practices. Volunteers will be needed to guide people through the church safely.

Presently, we have added hand sanitizer stations, installed new automatic soap dispensers in the main level bathrooms, secured masks for those who don’t have one to wear and have begun to prepare the sanctuary by removing books and paper so there is an easy sanitizing process.

Further procedures for attending church will come out as we get closer to that time of opening. As we approach opening for in-person worship, we will need volunteers to guide safe practices for entryway and seating worshippers.

Please feel free to leave a message if you have questions and we will be happy to contact you.

Rev. Karla Sheffy and Rev. Ron Harris